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Care Guide

Knowing how to care for your Nine West purchase will help you keep it in great condition for longer. Here are some tips on how to best look after your new Nine West shoes and handbags.

How To Care For Your Shoes

Caring For Leather

To maintain the appearance of leather, spray with waterproofing spray every seven wears.

Treat monthly with leather conditioner using a dry colorless cloth to clean and restore the leather. Allow to dry then buff to shine.

Instant shine may also be used on leather.

Caring For Patent Leather

Patent is waterproof due to its glossy finish. Use instant shine to maintain its appearance.

Keep patent shoes away from coloured items. Dark coloured patent may transfer on to other shoes and light patent may become stained. Store separately or in box.

Caring For Suede

Suede is leather that has been brushed to create a nap.

To maintain the appearance of suede, apply waterproofing spray every seven wears.

To restore the nap, brush with a suede brush.

Never brush dark suede then brush light suede as this allows the fibers to transfer.

Caring For Nubuck

Nubuck is leather that has been buffed to create a slight nap. Similar to suede although with shorter fibers.

Due to its delicate nature, apply waterproofing spray every seven wears.

To remove slight imperfections, brush gently with the suede brush utilising the rubber bristles.

Caring For Fabric

Apply waterproofing spray every seven wears to avoid stains.

How To Care For Your Jewellery

Keep it away from moisture, and extreme temperature places.

Remove when sleeping, and before entering water or high humidity places.

Allow perfumes and body lotions to dry before you wear your jewellery.

Remove when exercising or during sweating prone activities.

Store your jewellery in a closed bag or box.

Wipe your jewellery with a clean dry cloth after long wear.

How To Use Shoe Accessories

Gel Comfort Cushions

Used to provide instant comfort.

They do not stick down therefore they may be removed, layered, or moved to other shoes.

If shoes are slightly large, but half a size down is too small, apply gel cushions for a better fit.

For events, add to shoes once if feet become sore.

Anti-Slip Heel Grips

Used when shoes appear to fit well but foot continues to slip out. This will ensure a better fit without modifying the front of the shoe.

Stops shoe from rubbing heel of foot to prevent blisters.

Sole Grips

For shoes that do not have enough grip on the sole.

Perfect for events where floor is slippery (e.g. tiles) and rainy days.

If the shoes are slightly taller than you are used to, sole grips provide stability.

They apply like a sticker and are only temporary. Will wear off depending on how/how often you wear your shoes.


*Available in store only

Aerosol waterproofing spray used to protect leather and non leather accessories from stains.

Fast drying.

Shake can then spray evenly over article with a distance of approximately 25cm in a well ventilated area.

Apply 2-3 coats for optimum protection (especially light colours, suede and nubuck).

Silicone free, therefore will not alter the colour of the material.

Eco Waterproofer

Spray bottle waterproofing spray used to protect leather and non leather accessories from stains.

Ideal for air travel.

Spray lightly but evenly over the item being treated at a distance of 10cm.

Allow to dry before use. Drying time depends on climatic condition

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner cleans, nourishes and restores leather.

Not to be used on suede or nubuck.

Shake bottle then test in an inconspicuous place before use.

Using a soft colourless cloth, apply in circular motion over the article.

Allow to dry then buff to shine.

Suede And Nubuck Brush

Use the nylon bristle side to refresh the nap of suede.

The rubber bristle side is used to clean and raise the nap of nubuck.

The round chiseled edge is used to clean hard to reach places (e.g. the welt, where the shoe upper meets the sole.)

Use the ribbed edge to erase marks.

Instant Shine

Apply to patent leather to maintain shine.

May be used on non coated leather to refresh appearance on-the-go in place of leather conditioner.


Our shoe boxes and tissue paper are made of FSC Certified Recycled material.

Please place on your recycling bin after use.

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